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Election work on track

14 August 2018
SIEC Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala.

PREPARATION work towards the 2019 national general election is now on track.

That's according to the Solomon islands electoral commission chief electoral officer Mose Saitala.

He revealed this while speaking at the launching of the voter registration update on Monday.

“Preparation is well on track especially towards the election day which will be on the early 2019,” he said.

He said the reliability of the new system, the bio-metric voter registration (BVR) has been really well in terms of addressing past errors in elections such as double voting.

“The BVR extremely difficult for double registration or voting to occur which we don’t have to worry about as we also uses the DNA where nobody could lie about it,” he said.

Mr Saitala said the very important point to consider is if someone has already registered in 2014 National election, he should not need to register again.

“If you are already a register voter, you don’t need to register again,” he said.

He further explained the reasons for the registration update are mainly for those who have not yet register during 2014 national election, those that turned 18 years after the 2014 and those who wants to transfer to vote in other constituencies.

Mr Saitala said the electoral commission is on track with preparations and has lifted its work commitment.

He said a new website which was also launched yesterday will be available for those who have registered to look up for their names to ensure they are listed correctly or to check if their names are not included.

The new Solomon Islands Electoral Commission new website is where you can log into this website, type your name or ID number then it will confirm to you where you have register,” he added.

He said the idea is to make it easier for voters to check for their names for verification purposes.

Mr Saitala said the voter registration update has been set for 3rd September 2018 and those who have yet to register are encouraged to register during this period to be eligible to vote in the 2019 national general election.



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