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Big Mountain’s car park show a flare

29 August 2018
Lead vocalist for Big Mountain Quino belts out a song infront of a packed Heritage Park hotel carpark.

THE sounds and style of music played by the famous reggae band, Big Mountain has taken party goers by storm, when they performed at the Heritage Hotel’s car park on Saturday night.

It was a solid 2 hours of non-stop reggae music, which kept those that were attending the concert on their feet.

They really enjoyed the songs, the music and they danced-away throughout the entire show.

Local supporting bands get the show rolling around 8pm, before the Joaquin Quino-led band stepped onto the stage, bringing with them the hype of the night.

The band has had a good number of fans in Honiara and they have flocked the venue, to be part of an unmissed opportunity to see the Big Mountain live in the City.

One of the fans speaking to Solomon Star said that he was a big fan of the band for many years.

“I have missed their first show in 2016 and decided not to miss this one again.”

Another fan added that the groove that Big Mountain brought with them is like a wind coming down from the mountains, so cool, refreshing and nice.

“When it blows through your body, you feel really nice. I am dancing a lot because I really enjoyed their music style,” the crazy fan said.

The band was here in 2016 and this is their second tour to the Hapi Isles.

In an interview upon their arrival, Quino said that he is happy to be back this year in Honiara.

“I really like this place and I love you people,” Mr Quino added.

It was a night that most fans will not forget, as they have had another chance to see the band again. For most, this is their first time to see the band members in person.



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