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29 August 2018
Snyder Rini

I don’t receive funds; just an allocation says Rini

Member of Parliament (MP) for Marovo Constituency and former Minister for Finance and Treasury, Snyder Rini says he didn’t receive any shipping grant from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development (MID) in 2016.

Mr Rini made this clarification yesterday following a call from a concerned woman from Marovo constituency in the Island Sun Newspaper on Saturday.

The women has questioned their Member of Parliament Synder Rini of whereabouts and what happened to shipping grant he received in 2016.

The woman who wanted her name withheld said that there was no ship paid for Marovo and the people are still waiting in confusion.

Mr Rini said in his reply in the media statement said that, he didn’t receive any funds from MID in 2016, only allocation and not funds.

“I would like to make it clear here that, in 2016 I did not received any funds from MID, only allocation.

“MID allocated $5,500,000 for my constituency which I never used it and was given to other constituency,’’ Mr Rini said.

The former Finance Minister explained his shipping grant was given to Member of Parliament for Renbel Province and Member of Parliament for Malaita Outer Island Constituency.

“$250,000 of my shipping grant was given to MP for Renbel Constituency which he bought his ship and another $2,500,000 was given to MOI constituency for salvaging their ship that ran aground in Fiji and repair on slipway,’’Mr Rini said in a statement.

Marovo MP call on a concerned woman from Marovo constituency to visit MID and get his facts right before questing him in the media.

“I would like to remind my good people of Marovo constituency including the women to please go to MID and get real story about the shipping grant before coming out in the media”

“If you have any question regarding shipping MID is appropriate place should contacted and not media or come to me so i could give right answer about the funding. I did not receive funding; only allocation,’’Mr Rini said.