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In court with Assumpta Buchanan

29 August 2018

* Alleged burglars to face court today
* Taxi driver tried for abduction
* Men jailed for brewing kwaso

Alleged burglars to face court today

TWO men accused of separate break-ins in Honiara in 2015 will appear in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court today.

Frank Firimolea is facing one count of house break-in, while another male (SR) who was only 15 years old at the time of the alleged offending, faces one count of armed robbery.

They were initially charged with numerous assault charges and break-ins including robbery and burglary but were now acquitted of those charges on a previous court date.

The only remaining charge against Firimolea relates to a break-in incident on 2 June 2015 at the residence of an expatriate at Tasahe, Honiara.

The armed robbery charge against the SR is in relation to the incident on 14 June 2015 at the residence of an expatriate at JBM area, East Honiara.

A trial will be conducted soon in relation to the matter of these two accused.

Two other men who were charged together with these two accused were already acquitted of the numerous assault, robbery and burglary charges against them due to insufficient evidences.

Lawyers from the Public Solicitor’s Office represented the men while Police Prosecutor John Palmer is appearing of the Crown.

Taxi driver tried for abduction

A TAXI driver accused of abducting a young woman in his cab to Mount Austin, and then allegedly assaulted her, is standing trial in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court.

Alfred Ala, 34, is facing one count of abduction in order to subject person to grievous harm in relation to an allegation on 9 February this year.

He denied the charge and a trial commenced yesterday before Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika.

The girl yesterday gave evidence after prosecution opened their case.

Another prosecution witness will be called today.

The prosecution intended to call about four witnesses for this trial.

The girl told the court the accused met her at a shop around the Kukum area, and forced her into his cab.

He allegedly winds up all the cab windows and then drove at a high speed uphill following the road next to the Florence Young School road.

The girl claimed whilst on the road, he allegedly slapped her a number of times and then told her why she never came to see him whenever he came to her house.

The girl, who had just came to Honiara for the first time from Western Province, is residing with relatives in Honiara.

Asked how she came to know the accused, she told the court she first met the accused when she and some of her family members took the accused’s cab from the Honiara Main wharf to their house at Mbua Valley.

It was from then on that the accused started to come by where the girl resided every evening.

She told the court the accused took her to an area where she later knew as Mount Austin, and parked his car at the top of a hill.

She said the accused then came out of the car, went and stood beside the edge of the hill.

“He told me to get out of the car.

“When I went out, he told me to go and stand beside the edge of the hill looking down to the valley.”

Men jailed for brewing kwaso

Two people who confesses to brewing kwaso at Fishing cillage, East Honiara has been sentenced to six months imprisonment yesterday.

Principal Magistrate Jim Seuika also made an order for the confiscated distilled kwaso and equipment used for brewing of the illegal product to be forfeited to the Crown for disposal.

Fifty year-old Max Maelasi and Patrick Sade, 38 were sentenced after pleading guilty to one count each of restriction on making liquor.

Mr Seuika said this sentence is a message to the community within the Honiara city boundaries that no one lives in our society at their own choice ignoring their established responsibilities which were imposed on them by our national laws.

“The objective of the Liquor Act is to repeal and to make provision for brewing and control of the sale, supply and consumption of liquor,” Mr Seuika told both accused.

“A happy society comes from a better protection of society.

“It applies to our local communities in Honiara City.

“From that reasons, the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force tirelessly put efforts to combat unlawful brewing and consumption of what is known as KWASO,” he said.

Mr Seuika further told both accused that their premise is one of the hot spot venues for brewing kwaso which is against the law.

“In this case, the maximum penalty under section 50(2) (b) of the Liquor Act is 30,000 unit, which equivalent to $30,000.00 or three years imprisonment or both.

“It is sad to see that elderly people that should be the leaders of the community are involving in illegal activities,

“They have encouraged the young generation to follow their bad reputations.

“They have shown a bad example and it is a very shameful situation,” Mr Seuika added.

He said in our good communities, people are expecting good leaders of our elderly people.

“It is expected from them to protect the environment of the community for future generation,” he said.

He further added that the future generation of the community the two accused are residing at will not be a happy place if they continue to carry on the legacy of their elders.

“Our elders and chiefs are called to protect their community from engaging on such unlawful businesses or activities.

“If we fail to protect our community, it will be an idle to be an evil community,” he said.

These two accused were arrested after police raided their premises on 22 August 2018.

During the raid the police had found in their possession large quantities of implements and liquids used for brewing of Kwaso.

The two men appeared in person while Police Prosecutor Elson Konle appeared for the Crown.