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Call to protect environment

29 August 2018
Joaquin ‘Quino’ McWhinney

Big Mountain’s front man Joaquin ‘Quino’ McWhinney says that we need to care for the mother earth.

He made the statement this during the band’s one off live concert at the Heritage Park Hotel car park area in Honiara over the weekend.

“Our mother earth needs to be protected from harm.

“It is you and me that will step up and take care of it.

“We need to love our cultures as they reflect us,” he said.

He told the crowd that Solomon Islands is blessed with a beautiful environment.

“You need to protect it from destruction.

“Yes, you are so blessed with these entire lovely environment and you need to protect it,” he said.

Mr Quino added it’s time everyone must raise up and look after the environment.

“Our mother earth needs our protection,” he said.