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Road blocks in Honiara today

13 September 2018

POLICE in Honiara will set up a road block this afternoon from the main market underpass to South Pacific Oil Refilling Station road junction and also from the Provincial Press road to the Rock Haven upper road.

This is to allow the Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) Team of the RSIPF to conduct a Render Safe Procedure on an un-exploded bomb discovered at Point Cruz behind the Advanced Technology Building.

The public, vehicle drivers and business owners, and road users are advised to keep away from those areas from 2pm until 3pm.

“The EOD Team isolated and secured the unexploded explosive shell on 11 September 2018 after receiving a report from a construction group working there,” a police statement said.

“This type of World War II shell is uncommon and has not been found in the Honiara central business district (CBD) before,” the statement added.

“Because of the type of explosive, it cannot be moved before it is rendered safe by the highly trained professionals of EOD.”

Police say this major police operation will involve RSIPF EOD, Traffic, and Central Police Station conducting high visibility patrols and cordoning of the exclusion zone.

“The EOD team will be conducting a Render Safe Procedure (RSP) task behind the Advanced Technology office building, Point Cruz,” the Operational Commander, Assistant Commissioner Mostyn Mangau, said.

 “The Render Safe Procedure operation will commence between 8am and 3pm on Thursday 13 September 2018, which will require an evacuation of surrounding premises and an exclusion zone in place, including road blocks,” he added.

“Whilst police regret any inconvenience, these necessary measures are being put in place to keep the community safe.

“The general public and those living within the area of the road block points to the coastal side along with the areas of Advanced Technology, ITA Hardware, Rock Haven Inn, United Church Rest House, and the line of shops on the western end of ITA hardware are kindly warned to keep out while the operation is in progress.”

A staged evacuation of affected buildings, including commercial premises, will be coordinated by police.

“This will commence with notification of affected buildings, including commercial premises from 08:00am, closure of commercial premises by 12:00pm.

“The operation will be completed by 3pm.

“Roads will be re-opened and the exclusion zone lifted once the operation is complete and the area safe.

“Members of the community that do not need to be in the CBD are encouraged to avoid the area. “RSIPF apologies to affected residents, road users and business owners for any inconvenience caused.

“However, this unavoidable operation is being initiated to keep the community safe.”