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Request to collect croc DNA sample

13 September 2018
Dr Mathew Brien holding a female crocodile for demonstration.

A CROCODILE specialist from Australia has requested local responsible authorities to collect DNA samples of crocodile whenever an execution or survey exercise on the reptile are being carried out in the country.

 Dr Mathew Brien Deputy Vice Chair of Ocean Crocodile issued the call during a national crocodile workshop on Tuesday at the Institute of Fisheries, Ranadi Campus East Honiara.

He said once the DNA sample is collected it would be sent over to Australia to undergo a lab test.

“The test is to find out the types of crocodile species that are present around the country and their movement,” he said.

During the presentation he said salt water crocodile is the main species found in the country.

“So the DNA test is to find out if there are other species around,” he said.

Dr Brien believes most crocodile in Solomon islands do not travel far to other islands because of the scattered islands.

Therefore the DNA test will prove whether crocodiles in the country travel far or not.

Dr Brien therefore appealed to the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and the Ministry of Environment Conservation and Meteorology to collect DNA sample whenever they are out to kill a reptile or conduct survey respectively.

He promised that if RSIPF is willing to collect DNA sample on crocodiles after executing these reptiles then he will send a number of DNA apparatus such as needles, pole and ethanol to preserve crocodile parts before being sent over to Australia for tests,” he said.

A number of stakeholders who are involved in crocodile related activities in the country attended the workshop.

They acknowledged the knowledge gained from the workshop.