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Chiefs maintain law and order in MOI

13 September 2018
The Luaniua house of chiefs convening a meeting.

CHIEFS continue to play the role of the law enforcement agencies in the Ontong Java region of the Malaita Outer Islands (MOI).

This is because the atoll does not have any police post or officers.

The visit by the Solomon Star to MOI last week revealed the House of Chiefs for Luaniua and Pelau are playing the key role in maintaining law and order all these times.

A spokesperson for the chiefs Trevis Kilatu in an interview at Pelau village explained the House of Chiefs is highly respected on the two islands.

“When law and order is breached the House of Chiefs from both islands will deal with the matter and settle it,” said Mr Kilatu.

Kilatu further explained that anyone who is found guilty of breaking the law must do community work.
“His or her punishment is to clean the community road or clean any property owned by the community,” he said.

Pelau used to have a police post but due to land dispute no officers is being posted there.

However, law and order could to be maintained by the chiefs.