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Youths with ‘big hearts’ pay tribute to a fallen youth

18 September 2018
Youths with flowers pay their respect at sight where the young 15 year old lost her life.

Holding flowers, writing condolence messages and coloring the words “RIP ELLEN” while waiting for their friends, are a group of youths with big hearts preparing to pay their tribute at a site where a 15-year-old girl was killed by a drunk driver over the weekend.

These young people are members of the One More Shot Campaign.

A campaign that supports children who needs medical attention in overseas by raising funds through photography advocacy.

What is more touching, is the fact that most of them have not known let alone met the deceased personally, but are saddened by a death that should never have happened.

One of the youths shared her sadness;

“We are here because we feel the loss, she is a youth and it is a very sad news to hear.

“We don’t know Ellen but we are here because we feel the sadness also. And so we want to show our fellow citizens that it is all our responsibility to look after our young,” she said.

The group also made a call to the responsible authorities to work hard on stopping drunk drivers and high unlicensed drivers on the road.

“We want a safe society for our present and future. This should not have happened if people are doing their jobs. Even if it means checking drunk drivers at the night clubs’ gates,” said a fellow concerned youth.

As they laid their flowers and depart from the site, they left behind messages of comfort and hope.

A hope that even though the future is uncertain, knowing we have youths today with such empathy like these young people, gives us hope for a better future.

Road accidents have increased in Honiara and most of them are from drink driving, claiming young lives.

By Georgianna Lepping