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Uni students urged to wear decent clothing

18 September 2018
Robert Tahi speaking before the students at the forum.

ONE of the topics discussed during the recent student forum organized by the University of the South Pacific (USP) Honiara Campus is on proper dressing code.

Speaking at the forum Student Association President Robert Tahi said as an university institution students are expected to wear decent clothing whilst at the vicinity of the campuses.

Mr Tahi said it is important that students are aware of the certain rules that guide students on their dressing code so that students’ appearance are of respectful and presentable.

“Students should everyday dressed well because at any time a visitor or school heads may call anyone into the office.

“Add on to that, the culture is also an important area where we should respect and uphold in the way we present ourselves,” he added.

He said when a student honours his or her education; he or she must also do it with his or her dress code presentation.

However, Mr Tahi said like other universities, the rules are just guidelines to help students and not to terminate anyone if they are not comply to it.