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Pig farmers challenged

18 September 2018
Some of the guests attending the opening of the Adaliua Integrated Pig and Agriculture centre. [Photo: Solomon Lofana]

MINISTER of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) Augustine Auga has challenged pig farmers to utilise their ability and strength to venture into piggery farming to earn money and support their families.

 He stated this at the opening of Adaliua Integrated Pig and Agriculture centre in Central Kwara’ae close to Auki in Malaita province last week.

Mr Auga also took time to share a brief story based on his success in the industry.

Mr Auga said he started engaging in piggery farming with only an education background of form three (3) at his home village in North Malaita.

“I was engage in piggery farming at my home village in North Malaita after completing my form 3 of education.

““I have to feed pigs because that is only a way for me to earn money.

“It was challenging to transport my pigs from the northern part of Malaita to Auki before going over to Honiara to access the market,” he said.

He told the farmers during the occasion that they are so lucky to have such a centre which is close to Auki compared to his place.

He strongly encourages Malaitans to work hard and utilize their strengths and energy into th agriculture industry.

He said now as a political leader he still continue to raise pigs at his resident in Burnscreek in East Honiara.

Mr Auga reiterated that farmers living close to Auki are very lucky that they can transport their pigs to Auki or Honiara for market.

He challenged the farmers to work hard and be committed in whatever farming or production they do.

He said the Adaliua pig centre is purposely built for farmers in Malaita to learn and gain technical ideas in order to improve piggery farming and increase pork production in the country.

In Auki