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Alleged arm robbery in Shortlands probed

19 September 2018
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Police in Western Province is investigating a report of an alleged armed robbery at a logging camp in one of the islands in the Shortlands over the weekend.

It is alleged that around 3pm on  Saturday 15 September 2018 two boats powered by 40 horsepower engines, carrying around ten people arrived at Sanai logging camp, Shortland Islands and robbed the employees of the Synergy Brisk Solomon Island logging company.

It is understood the Synergy Brisk Solomon Island logging company operates jointly with another company called Alu Development Company that is involved in felling of trees for export.

It is further reported the men on board the two ray boats were allegedly armed with guns and were allegedly from neighboring Bougainville. It is not known how many guns were used by the men during the incident.

Police is yet to identify people involved in the attack as investigations are continuing.

Supervising Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Western Province Superintendent Cedar Nevol said he was informed that men who carried out the alleged robbery at Sanai Camp fired three shots from their guns on arrival at the camp, causing fear among the employees of the company and locals there.

“A number of valuable properties including eight chainsaws, a 40 HP engine, a drum of fuel, a ray boat and goods in the company’s storage were allegedly stolen by the armed men and allegedly escaped back to Bougainville.

“The exact value of properties stolen is not known, but is estimated in the thousands of dollars,” said Supervising PPC Cedar.

She added reports said the men who carried out the attack covered their faces with balaclavas.

“We are working on some information suggesting some of the men involved could be identified.

“Let me assure the employees of the company affected and locals there, the RSIPF is doing its best to ensure those involved are brought to face justice,” she said.

In the meantime, she appeals to locals and any person who was at and around where the incident happened to come forward and assist police with any information they may have.

- Police Media