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Mum fined $5k for kwaso sales

20 September 2018
Kwaso (homebrew) seized by police in a recent raid.

A MOTHER of seven has been fined $5,000 for selling kwaso in her market stall at Mbokona area in Central Honiara on Tuesday afternoon by the Honiara Magistrates’ Court.

Elizabeth Moa who pleaded guilty to one count of illegal sale of liquor was given until October 16 to pay up her fine.

Failure to pay up her fine will result in a six month imprisonment.

When asked by the magistrate as to why she resorted to selling kwaso while there are legal means of earning money, Moa told the court that it’s fast money.

She added that she did so to assist her with the school fees of her three children who are attending school.

Moa then apologised to the court and promised not to repeat the same offence again.

Police arrested Moa following information they received that she was selling kwaso in her market stall at the Mbokona area.

Police also confiscated bottles containing kwaso that was found in her stall.

During her interview with police, Moa said the kwaso was paid from Koa Hill, a settlement in Honiara.

Police Prosecutor Jessie Waifo appeared for the Crown while the accused represented herself in court.