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Japanese envoy visits Sogavare

28 September 2018
Acting Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare with His Excellency Toyama and Commander Ishikawa.

ACTING Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has received a courtesy visit from the Commander of the visiting Japanese Navy Vessel JS Sazanami, Shoji Ishikawa this week.

He was accompanied by the Japanese Ambassador Extraordinarily and Plenipotentiary to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Shigeru Toyama on Tuesday afternoon.

Speaking during the meeting, Commander Shoji Ishikawa expressed his gratitude to the Solomon Islands Government for the strong support in the recovery of Japanese remains from the Second World War.

Meanwhile, Mr Toyama stated the high importance it sees in contributing to the stability and peace in Solomon Islands.

According to Mr Toyama, Solomon Islands is one of the safest nations among many nations in the world.

During the meeting the Acting Prime Minister was asked by Mr Toyama for his views regarding the country’s security and border.

Mr Sogavare stated that Solomon Islanders are ourselves a threat to its own security.

He made further reference to the ethnic unrest in 2000 when the country collapsed and stated that this is due to the mistrust and lack of respect that people have towards their fellow countrymen and women.

According to the Acting Prime Minister Solomon Islanders wants to refer to themselves as one people but that is not expressed well in how they treat each other.

He stated that many Solomon Islanders take pride in their country when they are overseas but become strangers to each other when they are at home.

The Acting Prime Minister then reiterated the need for Solomon Islanders to take pride in their country and to always look out for each other.

Further, Mr Sogavare also stated that climate change is also one of the main security concerns faced by many parts of the country.

“Our country may not be invaded by war or other elements of distraction to our security but we are invaded by the effects of climate change,” he said.

He added that along with other countries in the region the Solomon Islands is working closely with its partners to deal with the issues of climate change.

Mr Sogavare further acknowledged that Solomon Islands maintains strong ties with its allies such as Australia regarding domestic and regional borders.

The JS Sazanami is on its return journey to Japan after taking part in the 2018 Kakadu Exercise in Darwin, Australia and one of the reasons to stop by the Solomon Islands is to return the remains of Japanese soldiers fought in the country during the Second World War.