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Veke shrugs off critics, says politician talk politics

02 October 2018
Guadalcanal premier Anthony Veke.

PREMIER for Guadalcanal Province Anthony Veke says he is unmoved by some constituents critics of West Guadalcanal who verbally attacked him on during this awareness period towards the National General Election (NGE).

Veke was responding to some of the criticisms being labelled against him as an intending candidate for West Guadalcanal. The critics came from some people from the constituency.

It was claimed that the Premier is using money to lure people to vote for him in the NGE under the cover of awareness.

It was alleged as well that he used loggers to back him up financially to lure people to support his candidacy in the upcoming NGE.

He was then questioned on the allegation that he tries to influence people’s choice of vote under the guise of awareness.

Which is a serious offense under the electoral act.

Hence, should be prosecuted.

But Veke said he has all the right to talk politics because he is a politician himself and as a premier for the province, it is his duty to remind Guadalcanal people to vote wisely for a leader that will transform the lives for a better.

Veke said he doesn’t care about what people say about his messages being spread to the people of Guadalcanal because as a premier he is duty-bound to urge people to vote a good leader who will change their lives for better.

He said long enough people have been suffering and denied the much-needed services they deserve, thus it is their choice to vote in a leader of their choice, who will address many of their problems.

Stressing that he urges Guadalcanal people to vote wisely for a leader that will bring about changes to the lives and the entire eight constituencies in the province.

Premier then refuted the allegation that he uses money to lure people support for his candidacy in the 2019 NGE, by labeling it as cheap political ploy to disturb the momentum of his good work to educate people to vote wisely.

And also describing the allegations that loggers back him up in his candidacy as unfound and lacking evidences to prove such claims.