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Public alerted over break-ins

10 October 2018
Police Commissioner Matthew Varley


POLICE Commissioner Matthew Varley is reminding people to take precautionary measures in looking after their homes following concerns of growing increase in house robbery, theft and break-ins.

Mr Varley gave out this crime prevention message as police are starting to be concerned about the potential for a growing increase in house robbery, theft and break-ins heading towards the end of the year.

“…and this is something that we often see as we are heading towards the festive season,” Mr Varley said.

The Police Commissioner said he just wanted to remind people around Honiara to take good precautionary measures in looking after their homes and their neighbour’s homes.

“Keep an eye out for suspicious people around your neighbourhood. Anyone who should not be there, contact the police or keep a watch out for each other.

“….and ensureyour homes are properly locked and secured when you go out.

He also reminded people to also think about informing neighbours or relatives about their movements.

“I don’t want to cause alarm but it is something that we can all work on together to tackle to make sure that we have some good crime prevention measures in place, particularly as we come towards the festive season.

“I think so far in Honiara city in the past month or so, there has been around 18 or 19 cases of theft and break in to houses and this is something that we are investigating.

“But we are starting to see the trend picking up a little bit and we would like people to pay attention to that and also to work on some crime prevention awareness,” Mr Varley added.