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Gwaunafau School needs water

10 October 2018
Gwaunafau primary School in east Kwara’ae, Malaita province.

WATER shortage is one of the many issues that is continuing to affect Gwaunafau primary School in East Kwara’ae, Malaita province.

The school was without water since its establishment many years back.

Head teacher, Patterson Luluania told Solomon Star in an interview that this issue is one of the many issues that continue to slow down the progress of development within the school.

“This school is situated in the highlands of East Kwara’ae which is far from water sources here,” Mr Luluania said.

He added that they had to walk kilometers to collect water for drinking, bathing and washing.

During school days, students have to carry bottles of water from their homes in their bags to serve them during the day.

“Life is hard here.

“Water is life and it is very important for human beings and this situation is bad for sure,” the school’s head teacher said.

Mr Luluania added that with the current situation, he only wished if the people responsible can step in and help address this situation.

Meanwhile, he said there are a lot of pressing issues that are affecting the operation of the school but he would like to see the water issue being sorted out first.