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Dunde CHS teachers on retreat to mark day

10 October 2018
Dunde teachers enjoying the food during the retreat. [Photo: Comfort Maeni]

DUNDE Community High School (CHS) teachers has joined teachers around the globe marked world teachers’ day with a retreat in the Kudukudu Island of Roviana Lagoon, Western Province on Friday.

World teachers day was celebrated globally on 10th October.

 School Principal Neville Ialangono said some of his teachers were unable to attend the Auki world teachers celebration therefore its important for those that remain to be part of the celebration by going out on and an island retreat.

He said the teachers value their students’ education and progress. By looking at how students move up from one level to another, it is important that teachers must be there in the communities and teachers have to be trained properly.

“That is the main idea of this year’s celebration. Teachers must have good qualification to target present changes,” he said.

He sees the importance of upgrading teachers in their profession, no matter how many years spent in classroom teaching.

“That is how we are going to have better academic performance as literacy level in the country is low,” he said.

He said eleven teachers remained back at the school to mark the day while some of their colleagues traveled over to Malaita province to join the national event.

“So that is the main idea I want my teachers to come here, so that they see what is the importance of the profession,” he said.

Mr Ialangono also pointed out the importance for teachers to have partners that will help them settle down and carry out their role well because without them it can be a disturbing factor as well.

He said the teachers that went on the retreat were very happy and enjoyed the occasion in the Island.

He said over the years celebrations have been held at the school so this year the teachers decided to celebrate the event by going out on an island.

As a new principal taking up the leadership role this year he said one of the challenges for him as the head of the community school is making sure teachers understand and stick to their duty and attend classes regularly.

He also pointed out the importance of finding out right way to approach teachers so that they’re willing and happy with their work.

Another challenge he mentioned is changes in the urban centre as Munda where people in the community now expect financial reward for work done for school.

“As a community high school especially in Dunde we need community support.

“The idea of community high school is, the community have to give support to build the school, so we need participation which is also one of the problems we came across,” he said.

Mr Ialangono is now reaching out to involve leaders of the community and make them see the importance of bringing community to support and develop their school.

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