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Ma’asina Ruru to represent all provinces

10 October 2018
President of Malaita Ma’asina Forum Martin Housanau.

THE soon to be re-established of Ma’asina Ruru Movement (MRM) is currently re-designing itself to take onboard the voices of all nine provinces and represent the entire nations, on issues and challenges Solomon Islanders confronted in this 21st century.

Speaking during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) President of Malaita Ma’asina Forum (MMF) Martin Housanau said MRM will be re-established to represent all provinces.

Stressing that it is high time Ma’asina Ruru has to represent all provinces and the voice of the indigenous people of Solomon Islands to speak on issues affecting their lives and their government.

Mr. Housanau explained that the re-establishment of MRM will ensure the organization fits in well with the modern day context of Solomon Islands as country struggles to gain full political independence and economically self-reliance.

He recommended that people from the nine provinces of the country must join the organisation in order to address challenges encountered in this modern-day neo-colonialism.

The AGM yesterday at Auditorium of the National Museum of Solomon Islands saw more than 50 people turning up for the meeting, with some participants from Isabel, Guadalcanal, Makira and Renbell.

Housanau said Ma’asina Ruru is the only platform for indigenous Solomon Islanders to raise their voices for the government of the day to attend to since it is a recognize movement since establishment by the forefathers, after the second world war in year 1945.

He said it was a success story of how the forefathers struggle for liberty and freedom during the colonial days which many were jailed for advocating for their rights as humans, under oppressive political government then.

MMF president said many issues face by this country that denies the citizens of their rights and ownership of Solomon Islands as a sovereign nation will be addressed by MRM through dialogue and consultations with the government of the day.

He further clarified that Ma’asina Ruru Movement is established not to work against the government or stage protest but an organization that operates on principles of freedom and liberty.

“When we encountered controversial issues that may spark conflict or disputes Ma’asina Ruru Movement will resort to peaceful means of addressing problems, for instance exhaust our court system or seeking permission from police for a peaceful demonstration,” Housanau elaborated.