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New ship confirm for West Are’Are

17 October 2018
Member of Parliament for West Are’Are John Maneniaru.

NEWLY purchased vessel for West Are’Are has been confirmed by the Solomon Islands Maritime Association (SIMA) which is currently undergoing final checks before it sets sail for the country.

The much awaited promised vessel was expected since 2016 but it was delayed due to shortage of fund to purchase a good quality ship that can last long during its service in Solomon Islands.

It was revealed to this paper that additional funds came later in the year which enabled the MP to purchase the vessel for his constituency.

“The vessel was purchase in South Korea and will soon sail into Solomon Islands once all the required documents by SIMA and Maritime Authority in South Korea are sorted out,” said Director of SIMA Jonah Mitau.

He said surveyors from SIMA are still in overseas to inspect the vessel and once they return with all the documents required to complete the process then the country may see the vessel entering Point Cruz Harbor.

Adding, this would be the latest of the ship bought by any Member of Parliament (MP) to be brought into Solomon Islands, seeing that only about 50 days left before parliament dissolve.

Mitau said some documents are still required by both SIMA and South Korea before the ship sails into the country, but he can confirm the vessel is being dealt with within the process of SIMA and they expect things to be sorted out as soon as possible.

Member of Parliament for West Are’Are John Maneniaru has been working hard to ensure the constituency owns a ship to serve his people.