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18 October 2018
City Mayor Andrew Mua.


Show me the evidence, Mua tells parents


CITY mayor Andrew Mua has slammed claims he’s secretly hatching a plan to sell a school site to an Asian businessman.

Parents of Honiara Integrate Primary School (HIPS) made the claim after Mr Mua’s office ordered the relocation of the school by December this year.

But Mr Mua yesterday rubbished the claims.

“Let me once more stress that the intention behind our decision to relocate the school is to allow the site for recreational purposes,” the mayor said.

“The council has plans to build recreational facilities on the site for the enjoyment of the Honiara public,” he added.

Earlier, Mr Mua said they wanted the school out because it was located on a site earmarked to host sporting facilities for the Pacific Games, which the country will host in 2023.

However, yesterday he said the council’s plan for the area is for recreational purposes.

“The allegation that I have a secret plan to sell the land to a foreign business man is not true.

“I am therefore demanding the parents to show me the evidence or I will demolish the school within 48 hours.

“The allegations are fabricated to mislead the public.

“The truth is I have no secret plans for the school site.

“I want the parents to reveal the name of the foreigner they claimed I’m selling the land to.

“I also wanted them to go and report the matter to the Leadership Code Commission for investigation.

“Let me state it quite clearly that the council’s plan to turn the site into a recreational park still stands.”

In the notice sent to the school and other authorities recently, the council said the school, which operates under the authority of the Honiara City Council, must relocate by December 31 this year.

Mr Mua said parents whose children are attending the school must now start looking for spaces in other schools in Honiara to allow their children to continue their education next year.

But a parent who spoke to the Solomon Star yesterday said it’s funny how Mr Mua and his councilors came up with the decision to relocate the school when their term is just about to end.

The parent said any decision to relocate or not to relocate the school should be left to the next group of councilors.

He said at stake here are hundreds of children whose education have been jeopardized by the council’s inconsiderate decision to relocate the school.

The parent said it is ironic that the school operates under the authority of the council, and yet councilors wanted it relocate without offering an alternate site.

“The truth will eventually be revealed,” the parent said.