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Mayor told to give school ample time

19 October 2018
Dr Franco Rodie

THE Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) says ample time is needed in any move to relocate a school, including Honiara Integrated Primary School (HIPS).

Permanent Secretary Dr Franco Rodie stated this following an order by the Honiara City Council Mayor Andrew Mua to relocate HIPS.

Speaking to the Solomon Star on Wednesday, Dr Rodie said this is a situation that Education Authority of the Honiara City Council (HCC) needs to deal with in a more humanitarian manner than threatening to demolish school buildings in 48 hours.

Dr Rodie said in his view, the mayor is a bit aggressive and did not realise his decision is jeopardising the future of the children attending the school.

He added the mayor should be kind enough to allow ample time for the school’s management if he wanted the school relocated.

 “One thing we should know is that it takes years to build a school and we cannot expect a school to relocate with 48 hours, one month or even six months,” he said.

He said the position the mayor took to deal with the relocation is “wrong”.

“They have to work on a time-frame and certain things have to be done first.

“In my opinion they have to discuss with other schools in Honiara first to see how the students can be accommodated before we go on with the relocation plan,” he said.

Dr Rodie said the matter has to be discussed in a manner that will not threaten or hurt anybody but one that will address the situation amicably.

Dr Rodie said he plans to meet with the school principal and the Chief Education Officer (CEO) of HCC to address the situation.

A notice the mayor’s office issued to the school warned them to leave the site by the end of this year.

Mr Mua said the site will be used to build recreational facilities for the public.