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In Court With Assumpta Buchanan

19 October 2018

* Murder probe finalised
* Gun case adjourned
* Warrant of arrest issued for juvenile

Murder probe finalised

INVESTIGATION into the murder of a man at Tasimboko, Northeast Guadalcanal, in June this year is now completed.

Public Prosecutor Bradley Dalipanda said a disclosure of the matter of Fredrick Sonia Tavu, who faces one count of murder, was also served to the defence.

Tavu who was without a lawyer on the last court appearance is also now legally represented.

His lawyer, as confirmed yesterday, is Deputy Public Solicitor George Gray.

Having mentioned the matter, Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi then adjourned the case to November 1 for plea.

The adjournment is to allow Gray to obtain instruction from Tavu for plea.

Gray will also elect a form of a preliminary inquiry (committal hearing) on the next date.

Tavu is accused of the murder of a man between 1 and 2 June 2018 at Kaio Village.

The body of the deceased was found on the morning of 2 June lying on the footpath at Kaio village.

Gun case adjourned

THE matter of a foreigner accused of possessing  a gun without a licence has been further adjourn to today, allowing prosecution to obtain the file from police investigators.

Dilys Tulosoi, a Papua New Guinean national is facing one count of possession of firearms and ammunition without licence.

Public Prosecutor Bradley Dalipanda yesterday appeared without the file.

He told the court they are yet to receive the file from investigators who took the file the remand application was made.

Mr Bradley said he was summoned by one of his colleague that the matter will be called in court, which is why he appeared for this matter yesterday.

He said he recalled doing the remand application adding he has the file at that time but then return it to investigators after the remand application.

This did not go well with Principal Magistrate Tearo Beneteti who uttered her concerns of this matter not progressing to the next stage.

She said this is not good and said if investigators are ready to put someone in custody, it also means they are ready to progress the file so that the case can move to the next stage.

“We are dealing with files that affect lives.”

She also blamed that this kind of attitude of appearing without a file is one factor that contributes to the backlog of cases.

“I cannot move it without a file.

“I cannot do a better decision but just to adjourn it,” Ms Beneteti said.

She then ordered prosecution to get the file from investigators and appear with the file in court today.

She also ordered prosecution to serve disclosures to the defence once they obtain the file even if it is partial disclosures.

Tulosoi when asked if he had already made request for a lawyer said he has made several requests but is yet to have a lawyer.

Ms Beneteti advised him to keep following up on his request.

She told Tulosoi that his case is one of the many cases that are yet to have a lawyer and the reason or this is due to the shortage of lawyers at the Public Solicitor’s Office (PSO).

Public Solicitor’s lawyer Rodney Manebosa, who was on duty, was also asked to assist the accused in having the PSO allocating a lawyer for him.

Tulosoi was allegedly on his way to Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL area) on September 18, intending to sell the .22 Riffle and 20 Ammunition live rounds to a buyer there, when police pulled his vehicle over at a market stall at Henderson area.

Police approached the vehicle he was in and apprehended him.

He was at that time allegedly in possession of the Riffle with two mobile phones.

Prosecution alleged Tulosoi is residing in Honiara with his brother in East Honiara.

According to police informant, the .22 blot action riffle was kept under the custody of the accused’s relative from Bougainville who is working in Honiara.

The rifle was then was handed over to the accused who then allegedly intend to travel up to GPPOL area to sell the rifle when he was apprehended at Henderson area.

Warrant of arrest issued for juvenile

A WARRANT of arrest issued for a juvenile facing a sexual offence has been withdrawn yesterday in the Honiara Magistrates’ Court.

This was after Principal Magistrate Fatima Taeburi was satisfied with the explanation given by the 17 year-old male who faces one count of indecent assault.

Police Prosecutor Able Maelanga had told the court that a warrant of arrest was issued for the accused after he failed to appear in court on 17 August.

He said the accused came to the police prosecution office and they brought to the court to deal with his warrant of arrest.

The juvenile whom is a student said had exams on 17 September, which is why he did not turn up in court on that day.

Ms Taeburi having cancelled the warrant of arrest against the juvenile released him on a principal bail of $1,000 attached with strict conditions.

She warned the teenager that if he breached any of his bail conditions, he will pay up the $1,000.

The strict bail conditions includes, he is not allowed to leave Honiara town, not to interfere with the Crown witnesses, to reside with his father in Honiara and to report once a week at the White River Police Post.

When asked if he wants a lawyer to represent him, the juvenile said yes but he is yet to make a request for a lawyer to the Public Solicitors’ Office.

Ms Taeburi advised him to the PSO to request a lawyer.

The young lad was accused of indecently touching the private body parts of the alleged victim on 26 May this year in Honiara.

He was allegedly under the influence of liquor at that time.