NO FISHY DEAL - Solomon Star News


30 October 2018
Patrick Wong

CHAIRMAN of Levers Solomon Limited (LSL) Patrick Wong says there is no fishy deal with the handing over of $1.5 million cash and four tonnes of rice at Marulaon village in West Russell, Central Islands Province.

Mr Wong handed over the money and bags rice on Friday witnessed by Lavukal Paramount Chief and Central Province Premier Patrick Vasuni.

The dishing out of such huge cash money have raised questioned as to what the investor is up to.

But Mr Wong clarified to the Solomon Star last night that the payment ($1.5m) is part of the 2 million dividend they announced to the Lavukal landowner on 6th February in Honiara this year.

He further clarified that the delivery of four tonnes of rice is an usual practise just like other companies do when hosting event with the community or the landowners.

He said the release of $1.5 million also goes in line with the resolution the Board passed during the company’s Board meeting held on September 18 last year.

Mr Wong said on 4th of August, Levers Solomon Ltd also released $498,000 dividend to the Lavukal Landowners.

He said the dividend was not released earlier due to a court case Lavukal initiated against the company and others in 2017.

He said the dividend was then held in trust for Lavukal under Bichall Legal Accounts.

The LSL chairman said now that the court case was cleared they are able to release the $1.5 million dividend which comprise of 24.9 percent share of the Lavukal Land owners.