BOAT DETAINED - Solomon Star News


06 November 2018
The locally built aluminum boat for Ngella constituency, detained by Police at Tulagi, Central province.

POLICE has finally detained the locally built aluminum boat for Ngella constituency on Monday at Tulagi, Central Province.

The boat cost taxpayers $4.5 million and had been a subject of heavy criticism particularly from Ngella people. The boat is currently kept under police watch at Tulagi.

The seizure of the boat came following a detention order which police acted upon to have the boat detained while investigation continues.

Police in Tulagi confirmed to the Solomon Star that the boat is currently kept under their custody.

Constituency officials working for the Member of Parliament (MP) Bartholomew Parapolo also confirmed the boat was seized by police yesterday.

A constituency officer said they knew that the boat was not registered with Solomon Islands Maritime Administration (SIMA) because it does not meet the requirements requested by SIMA.

However, the official said they are trying to gather all information demanded by SIMA to have the vessel registered as soon as possible.

But Provincial Police Commander (PPC) for Central Province said the matter is now with the police, so they will leave it to them to deal with the case.

Ngella constituents came out recently to ask about when their vessel will be registered to serve the constituency since its completion two years ago, but never operate a trip to Ngella.

They were curious since all MPs will become ordinary citizens in less than 40 days’ time, yet they never heard anything about the purchased Ngella boat.