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Concern over strike action and students exams

08 November 2018
The Interim spokesperson for the Transport Association, Leonard Ofa speaking to the Taxis and Bus owners during their meeting on Tuesday about the planned protest action.

A concern senior teacher says the students who will be sitting for their exams will feel the wrath of the strike action taken by the public transport association today.

Forms three, six and grade six will sit for their national exams today.

The senior teacher in an interview with Solomon Star just few hours after the news of the strike action was known said the students sitting for their exams particularly in the city will be badly affected.

“Well the issue of lateness for students due to the lack of public transport that we have is not a new one.

“But I believe going on strike especially at this particular period when students are having their national exams is an ignorant move on the public transportation association.

“This will definitely affect the punctuality of students or even if comes to worse their presence in the examinations tomorrow,” the senior teacher told this paper.

When asked if the schools in the capital can move the exam time this morning, the senior teacher said moving the exam period may create some problematic issues such as leakage of papers

“The time set for students is confirmed. Provincial students will not be affected by this transportation issue and to postpone all exams just for the town students while provincial students wait is not practical,” the frustrated teacher said.

The senior teacher further explained that students in the province cannot have exams first than the students in our capital centre too.

“Therefore its more practical if the strike date is moved since if it’s not a wider population than a mere small group of business owners will be affected,” the teacher added.

The concern teacher is hopeful that it will not come to that but if it does then the school has no choice but to let the students sit the exam tomorrow at whatsoever time they arrive or defer to a later date.

“Bearing in mind that it is not the students fault not all have the luxury of a private vehicle and for students to walk miles to do an exam will definitely affect their results,” the senior teacher told this paper yesterday.