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KGVI students to showcase their designs

08 November 2018
King George VI school emerging designers.

SEVEN young emerging designers from King George Sixth School are set to showcase their design product during the grand finale of Solomon Fashion Week this Saturday at the Coral Sea in Honiara.

The young students are expected to showcase 14 dresses featuring female casual wear and evening wear including male casual wear.

KGVI Home Economics teacher Inca Kuper said the school is very proud to participate in the Solomon Fashion Week.

“To be honest I was not expecting my students to be selected for the fashion show,” she said.

Ms Kuper said she was impressed to see her students do have talents on fashion designs.

She said her students will showcase their very own designs for female and male casual wear and evening wear.

A young emerging designer Kristy Kaitu’u said her interest for design all started when she was at primary school.

Young Kaitu’u who is now a form two student at KGVI continues her passion for design and she is one of seven promising students to become top designer in the future.

She recalled that during her primary schools day she used to draw pictures that involve nature.

“One of the thing that inspired me to start drawing is when the colour of leaves changes from green to yellow and then to brown colour,” she said.

Another designer Robynne Iro said her interest for design also started during her primary school days.

“I used to draw babies’ doll, dresses and flowers and created them into frame and hang them into the wall,” she said

 Young Iro said some of her favourite designs are tattoo and decorate flowers.

She said she is looking forward for the fashion show and hope to showcase their designs in front of guests and top designers in the country.