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14 November 2018

Man accused of rampaging hotel with Backhoe remanded


THE man accused of damaging the reception area at the Coral Sea Resort in Honiara with a Backhoe Excavator over the weekend has been remanded in custody on Tuesday.

Davidson Irofinao has been charged with one count of malicious damage and five counts of intimidation.

He will appear in court again on November 27.

Prosecution alleged that prior to the alleged incident; Irofinao had an argument with his ex-wife who was an employee of the Coral Sea Resort.

According to the allegation, on the afternoon of 11 October2018 which was last Sunday, Irofinao tried to contact his ex-wife who was working at that time by calling the hotel telephone.

It was alleged that when attempts to contact his ex-wife failed, he became furious at her and the hotel staff.

The accused who works for the Solomon Water as an operator then stole a the company’s land cruiser from the Mataniko compound and later a Backhoe from SIWA staff who were working that afternoon.

 Between 1pm and 2pm, it was alleged Irofinao went to the hotel with the Backhoe excavator speeding recklessly into the lobby towards the guests who were spending and enjoying the facilities there.

He allegedly scared them off with the blade and allegedly damaged properties.

Prosecution further alleged that he stopped for a few second beside the reception counter where he came out with a bucket containing petrol and threw it inside the reception desk floor.

Following that, he allegedly went back into the Backhoe Excavator and drove it aggressively into the lobby damaging sofas, walling, tables, fans and other facilities causing extensive damages.

Prosecution also alleged that at the time of the alleged incident, there were about 50 people comprises of children, mothers, elderly people, tourists, businessmen, locals, employers and security guards.

It was alleged that the incident has caused a complete terror to the guests and some have been left traumatized.

The total cost of damage to the properties is more than $290,000.

Irofinao surrendered himself to police on duty that same afternoon.