CARROT POTENTIAL - Solomon Star News


14 November 2018
Lionel Maeliu showing some ofthe carrots he harvested from his farm in Malaita.

Malaita Province has the potential to supply the country with carrots says a local farmer who grows carrot locally.

Lionel Maeliu, a well-known organic farmer in Central Kwara'ae, Malaita Province believes that Malaita has the potential to supply the country with carrots once carrot farming is encouraged throughout the province.

He revealed this potential after he harvested his carrot farm at Busurata starting last month.

Mr Maeliu told the Solomon Star in Auki yesterday in an exclusive interview that carrot can be grown in the highlands of Malaita adding, once carrot farming is encouraged the province can supply the whole country with carrot.

"As witnessed from my farm, carrot can grow well in the highlands region of Malaita.

"If the Ministry of Agriculture can work together with local farmers in Malaita by supplying seedlings, then I believe we Malaitians can supply the country with carrot.

"Most people think carrot cannot be grown locally but I have proven this theory wrong and I want to let everyone know that we can grow carrot locally.

"I plant the carrots in March this year after someone from New Zealand offered me the seedling to try," he said.

Mr. Maeliu is on his way to give back some of the harvested carrot for the person that gave him the seedling early this year when this paper caught up with him in Auki and interviewed him.

He said the carrots take seven months to harvest but some are ready after six months.

"I have my own farming method to farm carrot, if the responsible authority willing to take up the challenge of encouraging carrot farming in Malaita, then for sure I will help teach local farmers about my farming methods which allow carrot to be grown on the hill sides," he said.

In Auki