20 November 2018

Eleven (11) dwelling houses at Taravo Village in the Titige area of West Honiara, Guadalcanal Province have been burnt down early Sunday morning in retaliation after a man was allegedly attacked for using abusive words.

As a result relatives of the man who was attacked entered the Taravo village and allegedly went on a rampage causing damages, looting and torching down some of the homes.

A statement from the Police Media yesterday alleged the houses were burnt down after an argument occurred on Saturday, 17 November 2018 during which abusive words were used against villagers of Taravo after which one of the villagers attacked the man who allegedly used the abusive words and wounded him.

In retaliation about more than 30 people including relatives of the wounded man armed themselves with knives and rocks entered Taravo village and threatened the villagers with violent acts.

About fifty people escaped into the bush for their safety during the time of the incident, it was reported.

Provincial Police Commander (PPC) Guadalcanal Province, Chief Superintendent Evelyn Thugea said eleven houses were burnt down and property looted during the incident.

“Fearing for their lives the villagers took off into the bush,” she said.

 Chief Superintendent Thugea explained the villagers were attacked in the early hours of Sunday morning.

“The looters allegedly entered the village cutting down trees, crops, killed animals and stole valuable properties and willfully set fire to the 11 dwelling houses which were completely burnt down,” she said.

She is appealing on the good people from both parties to calm down and allow police to investigate the whole issue which led to the incident.

“Please do not start anything else that will escalate the situation,” said PPC Thugea.

She added the nature of the crime committed has affected the lives of the victims.

“Police are also assisting the victims through counselling and is working closely with relevant stakeholders to assist those who have lost their dwelling houses and properties,” she said.

Police appeal to people in the communities at Taravo and Titige to come forward with any information that will assist the investigation.

People with information can call the Henderson Police Station on phones 36200 or 36201.

SO far four people have been arrested in connection to the burning.

The area on Sunday has seen the heavy presence of Police providing security and monitoring the situation.