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Dausabea urges Police to probe corruption

29 November 2018
Charles Dausabea

CHIEF Executive Officer (CEO) of the Indigenous Chamber of Commerce and Trade Solomon Islands (ICCTSI) Charles Dausabea is urging police to investigate corruption allegations rather than waiting for someone to lodged a complaint.

Speaking to the Solomon Star recently Mr Dausabea said allegations of corruptions were revealed in the media every day, thus police should not wait for someone to lodge a formal complaints before carrying out investigation but to start investigating alleged corruption once exposed in the media.

He said waiting for formal complaint is only an excuse for being lazy to do the work or receiving bribe for certain cases to remain quiet.

The former police officer said during his time as an officer they don’t wait for people to report to them suspicious cases of corruption but have to act upon what is being reported in the media or by the head of government offices.

He said it is surprising today the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has to wait for people to lodge their complaints before they act upon reports, despite sighting evidences of corruptions right before their noses.

He said a good example of this is the auditor general report that shows millions of dollars unaccounted for and also orchestration of imprests by public officials to steal millions from government coffers.

Further, he said failing to act upon corruption allegation is a failure to carry out mandated duties by responsible officials tasked to deal with corruption in the police force.

Mr Dausabea said while he understand police deal with corruption on case by case, he is afraid that some politicians and public officials might escaped prosecution, since the commissioner of police would leave his job for expiry of his contract.

Thus, it would prolonged the cases or files might be disappeared when the position becomes vacant or before a new commissioner takes up office.

So, he said all the corruption cases of MPs must be dealt with during the term of this current police commissioner before he leaves his job.

He urged police not to respect politicians now because they will become nothing in 18 days’ time as parliamentarians will bow out from the house on 16th of December.

Stressing, it is time to arrest and prosecute before they make their way out to contest the national general election early next year.