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Sigimanu: I did not lie

29 November 2018
PS of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs Ethel Sigimanu.

The Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Justice and Legal Affairs Ethel Sigimanu has hit out at media reports she lied to the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) about the claims of government lawyers.

“I did not lie,” Mrs Sigimanu retorted, Wednesday in response to the accusation levelled at her by a spokesperson for the Government Lawyers Association (GLA).

“I would advise that you go back to the minutes of the PAC and check my submission in response to the question raised by PAC on the current state of affairs between SIG and the GLA with regards to the GLA claims,” she added.

“In fact I did not lie.

“The Government is ready to sign if the GLA agrees to our counter offer.

“We are ready and we have budgeted for the increases in the 2019 budget.

“It is now up to the GLA.

“This includes the 100% waiver on housing, which is conditional on the state of the accommodation.

“This is the difference from the current benefits on housing which brings into consideration the issue of affordability and is at the discretion of the PS,” Mrs Sigimanu stated.

Government recruited lawyers recently issued a 28-day strike notice to the government in support of their claims for better conditions.

Mrs Sigimanu said:

“I can confirm the strike notice by the GLA still stands and I have no reason to state otherwise.

“All I can say is that that the Government is ready.”