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07 December 2018
Jenny Iro suffers from valvular heart disease.

Mother needs urgent lifesaving heart surgery overseas


A 47 year old mother diagnosed with valvular heart disease urgently needs a life-saving surgery overseas.

Jenny Iro needs more than SBD$200,000 in financial support to undergo this vital heart operation in MIOT hospital in Chennai, India.

Ms Iro from Malaita province has been suffering from the disease for about three years now and desperately needs to this urgent operation.

Valvular heart disease is characterized by damage to or a defect in one of the four heart valves: the mitral, aortic, triscupid or pulmonary.

Dr. Allen Alepio of the National Referral Hospital (NRH) said Ms Iro is diagnosed with a valvular heart disease which is secondary to Rheumatic heart disease and only be repaired by heart surgery.

She was admitted at the NRH in July for heart failure and thyrotoxicosis.

On July 24th she was reviewed by cardiologist Dr. David Rose who recommended that she be referred for heart specialist attention in the next one to two years.

She is now fighting against time.

The cheapest hospital for her to undergo heart surgery is MIOT Hospital in Chennai, India.

The total cost for her 18 days admission and treatment at MIOT hospital is USD$12,000 which is around SBD$120,000.

The cost excludes the airfares and the company of a relative during the trip.

Thus, Ms Iro and her family are appealing for financial support to the tune of more than SBD$200,000 that would enable her to cover all expenses including airfares for two and meals whilst she she undergoes heart surgery in India.

Dr. Prithvi Mohandas of MIOT Hospital provides the necessary information about the cost of undergoing heart surgery overseas.

Ms Iro is a widow with only one daughter and is residing at Koa Hill in Central Honiara.

Every day is uncertain for her as she struggles to bear the pain and suffering of her heart disease.

She started to experience breathing difficulties after recovering from Malaria in 2015.

It was only when she checked for her breathing difficulties that doctors found that she has the valvular heart disease.

With much desperation Ms. Iro and her family are appealing to the public, churches, business houses, charitable organizations, NGOs and individuals to come forward and lend a hand to raise funds to meet the cost of her trip and medical bills as she attempts to take another shot at life.

Support in kind or cash is accepted and welcomed.

Ms Iro vows that should she is given a second chance at life, she will devote her time to advocacy and information dissemination by educating people about the dangers of heart diseases and how to keep yourself from contracting one.

Any person or organization who is willing to support and donate funds can contact her sisters on mobile phones (+677) 7680430, (+677) 7494961 or (+677) 7447997.