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Wale calls for radical economic redirection

19 December 2018
Matthew Wale

Out spoken former Member of Parliament (MP) for Auki Langa langa Matthew Wale has called on the new Government in 2019 to make a radical economic redirection base on what Solomon Islands can produce sustainably.

Mr Wale made the statement in his contribution on the Sine Die Motion at the dissolution of the 10th Parliament over the weekend.

“We must commit ourselves to economic diversification over the next ten years. Such redirection would be focused on tourism and processing. Processing in fisheries, agriculture, forestry and mining.

“To put it into perspective leaders back then passed laws, budgeted for programs and undertaking that would drive the country’s economy through utilizing the agriculture sector by exporting some of our domestic products such as beef and rice overseas as a revenue earner for the national government that also boost the value of our local currency and simultaneously it creates employment for the locals too.

“Leaders then support development and sanctions a number of development researches to support agriculture development, fisheries, financial institutions to support people’s economic activities and many more. 

“There was indeed visionary leadership then by leaders that did not have much in the way of education, but their heart is in the right place.

“Solomon Islands is rich with abundant of resources, those riches are basically huge natural resources. In particular, dense forests, oceans full of foods and other resources, mines, fertile lands for farming and people who can work hard in harsh conditions.

”These resources, if utilized properly and wisely and in the interest of people and country can make Solomon Islands developed country in no time.

“The country can accelerate its economic growth in a way that advances the wellbeing of people, by reducing or eradicating poverty and hunger and improving health and education of people,” he said.

The former chairman of Bills and Legislation committee Matthew Wale told 10th Parliament that future government should relook into financing platform to support redirection.

“Mineral wealth ought to be invested in the future generations,” he said.

He further stated taxation reform must be centre of government’s fiscal policy redirection.

“Government should create incentivised foreign investment regime, targeted at quality investments,” he said.

Wale also calls for clear affirmative action policy to support indigenous business.

“Cost of living must be brought down to reasonable levels within the affordability of average of Solomon Islander families covering cost of food, housing, transportation, electricity, water, clothing, health care, education and other social services,” he said.