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Muse awarded ‘Top Employee of the Year’

19 December 2018
Amelia Muse with her Employee of the Year Award. [Photo Supplied]

SOLOMON Islander Amelia Muse who hails from Guadalcanal Province has received the Employee of the year award from her Employer McDonald's Canada.

Ms Muse becomes the first person from Solomon Islands to receive an Employee of the Year Award from a Canadian employer.

Adding to the colours of celebration, Guadalcanal's Thomas Mike picked up an award for 'Employee of the month' for April of this year.

The award was for best recognition of performance in the month of April.

Ms Muse who was caught by surprise when her name was called out is employed as a Food Service Supervisor and was also awarded employee of the month earlier in the year as well.

She is in Canada under CITREC-Guadalcanal partnership and is permanently residing in Canada under permanent resident nomination program.

"Oh My god I can't believe when my name was announced. This is a big surprise for me. I was not expecting this to happen. I am still surprised," Ms Muse said.

Ms Muse has also received a pin recognising her achievement along with a gift certificate as part of her award from her employer.

McDonalds Canada when awarding this certificate said that Ms. Muse is presented the award for her highest standards of performance.

"Ms Amelia Muse represents the highest standards of performance, teamwork and dependability and whose personal contribution to McDonald's has been outstanding" McDonalds Employee of the year award statement said.

Ms Muse speaking with CITREC Chairman Ashwant Dwivedi said that she is so pleased to be provided with the opportunity to be in Canada and been awarded the recognition by her employer.

"Mr Chairman this would not have been possible without CITREC. Thank you CITREC for the opportunity that has been provided to me. My family in Solomon's will be so happy when they hear and read about my achievement. This is the best Christmas present for them," Ms Muse said.

"This achievement is another milestone for me and the women in Guadalcanal and Solomon Islands as a whole. I am so proud to announce my achievement. It is a great achievement for me, my province Guadalcanal and country," she added.

Ms Muse also thanked the Guadalcanal Education Authority for the great opportunity given to represent the province and become a successful proud ambassador of Guadalcanal province.

In a statement, Mr Dwivedi congratulated Ms Muse for her achievement saying this award represents the ability, strength and knowledge that women from Solomon Islands have to offer to the Canadian economy.

"Ms Muse we at CITREC Canada wish to congratulate you on your achievement. Your achievement has further promoted CITREC's vision and commitment to the empowerment of women. We are proud of your achievement," Mr Dwivedi said.

He further said that Ms Muse's achievement is achievement for the people of Solomon Islands and Guadalcanal Province to celebrate.

"Your achievement is an encouragement to other women in the Solomon Islands which proves that dedication, commitment and hard work pays off at the end.

“With best wishes for the season from CITREC Canada we wish you many more successes in the years ahead and keep up the great work and make Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands proud," Mr Dwivedi said.

He further said that CITREC is committed to empowering the women of Solomon Islands.

"CITREC is a partner in promoting gender equality and empowerment of women and by employing Solomon Islands women, we are leading and delivering on the Canadian policy of empowerment of women and gender equality" Mr Dwivedi said.

"Gender equality is a fundamental human right, and a top priority for Canadians. Furthermore, we strongly support and encourage participation of women in the employment sector as these are critical to building peace and reducing poverty and growing our economies," he added.

Mr Dwivedi said that the CITREC program has offered opportunity to Solomon Islands women from rural communities.

He further said that as part of CITREC's policy it is promoting participation of women in education and training and providing them employment opportunities among employers in Canada.

"We ensure that through the CITREC program we deliver on some of the key policies of gender equality.

“We have educated and trained women of the Solomon Islands and today these brave women are in Canada under labour mobility partnership with CITREC employed as cooks and supervisors in multinational food chains under permanent residence program," Mr Dwivedi said.

"Our partnership has successfully placed women of Solomon Islands like Amelia Muse, Sue Tracy Bulolo and Grace Delight of Guadalcanal to work in Canada and we are proud of their achievements.

“They have arrived under the permanent residence program and are well settled. Participation of women will help advance the economy. It will help achieve peace and security. Women empowerment leads to economic growth that benefits us all," Mr Dwivedi said.

- CITREC Press