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Officers receive awards

04 January 2019
Newly promoted SSgt John Palmer Teula with the Police Commissioner, Matthew Varley.

TWO police officers received their awards on Thursday during the Police Commissioner’s Weekly Parade at Rove Police headquarters.

Commissioner Matthew Varley presented the RSIPF Commissioner’s Commendation to Senior Sergeant (SSgt) Philip Tome for long and dedicated Service to the force.

Mr Tome has been with the RSIPF since 1991.

 “Thank you for your time to faithfully serve your police, as you will be leaving the RSIPF soon,” Mr Varley told Mr Tome.

“Your 27 years in service has come to an end, as you will be retiring from the police, and your good work is appreciated with this award- Commissioner’s Commendation.

“Policing is always a challenging job, and I am grateful SSgt Tome has experienced that in his 27 years in service.

“Though you are leaving the police, I expect you to always reflect the good deeds you have shown in your police when you out in the communities as a civilian.”

SSgt Tome has served in many areas in the RSIPF, but mostly in frontline policing and close protection duties.

The second officer, Sergeant John Palmer Teula, got a promotion to the rank of Senior Sergeant in the field of police prosecution.

“Your work in the Police Prosecution has been highly commended, that you deserve the promotion,” Mr Varley told Me Teula.

“You must continue to demonstrate the leadership that your staff at the prosecution expects from you and so I thank you for your hard work, as hard work comes with a reward.”

SSgt Teula has served in many areas like front line policing, investigation and police prosecution as a prosecutor.

He joined the RSIPF in 2007.