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Four houses down at Sahalu

05 January 2019
Solomon Star stringer, John Toki's home was flattened by a fallen mango tree.

FOUR houses were destroyed by strong winds and fallen trees in Sahalu ward of North West Guadalcanal.

Visale-based Solomon Star stringer John Toki, whose house is amongst the four,  reported that he lost everything when a huge Mango tree nearby fell on top of his home.

He said all the villagers were evacuated to Visale School, where they sought refuge and wait for any assistance to help them recover.

Toki said the houses that collapsed as a result of the strong winds and fallen trees were in the villages of Mamare, Reivotu, Lengarauna and Piudava.

He said Chief Raymond Kapini appeals for immediate support from the public including the disaster office and the Red Cross.

He said he and his family are in the state of trauma and are living in stress every day since they lost all their belongings this week.

Toki added he could not rebuild a new home because his iron roofs and timbers were broken after the mango tree fell on top of the house.

He appealed for assistance to help him with new building materials.

Toki said this is the only house where his family sought shelter but now he is without a home and worried every day since his wife and child have no place to sleep.




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