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MID urged to repair Aruligo bridge

05 January 2019
The Aruligo bridge damaged by the recent bad weather.

THE Ministry of Infrastructure Development (MID) is urged to repair Aruligo bridge that was partly damaged during the heavy rain and flood this week.

Sahalu-based Solomon Star stringer John Toki reported.

He relayed that villagers at Aruligho and further down North West Guadalcanal are having difficulties transporting their market produces to Honiara because the bridge there was partly damaged.

“It’s causing more frustrations to market vendors and transport service providers to that region,” Toki said.

He revealed that the damaged bridge is very dangerous for vehicles to cross, but some drivers are taking the risk.

He revealed with pictures taken of the bridge that shows one of the lanes being washed away by the flood this week.

Toki further revealed some parts along the road were blocked by fallen trees, which need immediate removal of branches that now hangs over the drive way, posing risks to traveling vehicles.

Toki said some loaded three tone trucks could not cross the bridge due to the risk of slipping over the narrow pathway along the crossing.

Hence, movement of people and goods to the market is difficult, he said.