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Search for missing 3 still continue

06 January 2019
[Photo: Google Maps]

Three fishermen from Maniate in east Wainoni, Makira-Ulawa Province, are yet to be found as search continues, says Provincial Police Commander Peter Sitai.

He said as of 5pm yesterday, a team which he deployed earlier on that day had returned with no sighting.

“This morning I deployed another team and they have just returned but with no sighting at all,” he said.

The three men went missing since 29 December 2018 during a fishing trip and since that day five trips have been deployed but no sightings were made.

Sitai said searches will continue until they find the trio or until they are satisfied that the prospect of locating them is no longer there.

Asked if the Search and Rescue Department in Honiara also assists in the search, Sitai said that is exactly what relatives are eager to see.

However, he said this has not happened although he had already informed their office in Honiara.

“This is why we are doing it alone with the limited resources we have,” Sitai said.

 “Relatives would want to see the government assist by sending ships or planes, but this has not happened.

 “We are only trying our best with what we have with the support from communities,” he added.

Sitai said so far their search has gone beyond Santa Ana, Three Sisters, Ugi as well as near Ulawa Island.

He appealed to the people living on the coastal areas from east and west sides of Makira, as well as Ugi and Ulawa and South Malaita to look out for any floating objects.

The boat used is a 21-feet fibre glass with red body, yellow cabin and white strip and is powered by 15 HP Yamaha engine.