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Be Happy Ministry discloses 2019 plan

10 January 2019
Mambo Fangaria

HONIARA-BASED Be Happy Ministry says its aim this year is to raise funds to buy pots for the mountain people of east Kwaio.

Ministry founder Mambo Fangaria relayed this to the Solomon Star.

He said fundraisings will be conducted at the Fishing village market on Sundays.

Fangaria said in the past years, he raised funds to support community projects and those in need from other provinces.

“This year, I intend to raise funds to buy pots for my people of east Kwaio who lived in the mountains and are still using bamboos to cook their food,” he said.

“These people need pots to properly cook their food,” he added.

“So I’m appealing to the public, and in particular to my people of east Kwaio, to support the fundraising effort.”

Furthermore, Fangaria said he’ll continue to raise funds to support Atoifi Hospital, also in east Kwaio.

He said Atoifi Hospital operates mostly on the goodwill of people with heart who have supported the hospital over the past years.

Last year, Fangaria said he donated $2,000 to the hospital from funds he raised in Honiara.

Fangaria said he is supporting the hospital because “health is wealth”.

Be Happy Ministry’s mode of fundraising is mostly through street and market appeals.