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Legal year opens today

17 January 2019
Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer

AN event to officially open the 2019 Legal Year will be held this morning at the High Court premises.

As was the practise, the Chief Justice will start the event with the inspection of a Guard of Honour.

This will be done in front of the High Court room one.

Following that, speeches will be delivered inside the court room – one each from the Attorney General, President of the Bar Association (SIBA), and the Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer.

The ceremony is usually attended by legal practitioners, Attorney General Chamber’s representatives, Police Commissioner, members of the diplomatic missions, constitutional office holders, magistrates, judges, permanent secretaries, other members of the legal fraternity and court officials.

During the occasion, Sir Albert usually takes the opportunity to remind legal practitioners of their roles, duties and obligations, to renew their pledges of co-operation and support in their noble task of the dispensation of justice and the pursuit of the Rule of Law, and to reflect on the achievements and progress of the past year.