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Caretaker PM to launch DAP Manifesto

22 January 2019
Caretaker Prime Minister and co-founder of DAP will officially launch the Party Manifesto on Tuesday.

CARETAKER Prime Minister Rick Hou will officially launch the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) Manifesto Tuesday, in Honiara.

The program will kick off at 4pm at the Saint Barnabas Hall.

The Democratic Alliance Party (DAP) manifesto presents the vision and policies of the Party to the Solomon Islands’ electorate and the population at large for the 2019 general election.

A statement from the Party said DAP as a significant, genuine and serious player in the political landscape of the country has demonstrated over the last two year its ability to lead the country and serve the people.

“DAP recognizes that many of the socio-economic development challenges facing the country over the last 40 years of independence requires strong God-fearing leadership, focus and commitment.

“The Party is aware that the country is still a young democracy and suffers from dependency syndrome and poverty mentality.

“DAP therefore seeks to inspire and empower citizens, building on right values and ethics. The Party looks forward to taking Solomon Islands in a new direction for the next 20 years and beyond,” it said.

The statement adds that the Party’s commitment is towards socio-economic empowerment, self- reliance, independence and value based leadership and citizenship.

It said the Party recognizes that the true wealth of its citizens does not lie only in monetary values and materials but in their rich natural environment, culture, peace, diversity, family and freedom.

“The country’s heavy dependence on natural resources means that this wealth and social harmony continues to be threatened by unsustainable extraction of its natural resources,” it said.

The statement said the DAP manifesto intents to move away from business as usual to actually getting things done.

“Solomon Island is yet to reach its full potential for economic growth and this can be realized by investing smartly and focusing in key sectors such as tourism, agriculture, forestry, fishery and responsible mining,” it said.

The DAP Manifesto also recognizes the critical role of development partners, civil society, churches, private sector and community based organisations to drive growth and effect change on the ground.

DAP is inviting all intending candidates, friends, supporters and the general public to attend this important launching this afternoon.