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Customers return bad rice, gets refunds

22 January 2019
John Mark discovered insects inside the bags of rice.

THREE customers in Auki, Malaita province on Monday demanded the refund of their money from Low Price Enterprise, following an unpleasant discovery of bags of rice sold by the superstore.

They were astonished when they opened the bags of rice only to found insects inside the bags. 

Solomon Star was made known of the incident, by one of the angry customers.

Speaking to this paper in an interview, John Mark said that they bought the rice from the shop on Saturday.

These are all 18.14kg Sunny Gold Calrose rice products.

“When we open the rice, we found some small insect inside and it taste bad.

“Even our children do not want to eat it because of its smell. It smells really bad and totally different from what we used to cook,” he said.

Mr Mark said they have no option but to return those bags to low price in Auki and demanded the refund of their money.

The customers returned three 18.14kg bag rice yesterday and their money was refunded.

Solomon star was at the scene to witness the shop owner doing the refund, without saying any word.

However, Mr Mark said that it is sad that these business people are selling bad products in the country.

“Authorities should check all these imported goods properly, before allowing them to be sold in this country,” he stressed.

The sunny gold Calrose rice was sold at Low Price enterprises for $122 each.

Mark also said that they do not see any ‘Best Before’ or ‘Expiry date’ printed on the bags, which has raised more fear.