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Ngossi youths making huge difference

22 January 2019
Two Ngossi youth members collecting rubbish at the National Referral Hospital.

NGOSSI  Community Youths (NCY) have taken up the challenge and task to voluntarily clean up the National Referral Hospital on Saturday, as part of their youth development and empowering the vulnerable people in the society.

Ngossi Youth Coordinator, Obed Odogari told Solomon Star that NCY strives to create a future where their Youths are able to facilitate their own development.

 He added that NYC works in program areas of Youth Inclusion and Empowerment, Spiritual development, Capacity Building, Mentorship, Promotion of Environment development and cleanliness, Healthy Living and Promoting Youth to become Law abiding Citizens.           

“NCY encourages and strengthens collective social, economic, cultural, and environmental peace,” he added.

Mr Odagari said that the youths also strive to remove obstacles to Youth empowerment so that they have sustainable livelihoods and successful living standards.

The group is based in one of the Prime Residential Areas of Honiara City with the population surpassing the Adult population.

They have approximately forty (40) members both permanent and temporary residents of the Community.

NCY is staffed by the Youth Members themselves with an Adult Resident as the Youth Coordinator, aiming to assist marginalized and disenfranchised Youth, to help them create and sustain income generating activities, lead a healthy life and have a better understanding of their rights as citizens.

“Unlike other Youth Groupings, NCY enables Youth to come up with their own solutions in open forums, rather than dictating them what to do.

“NCY is founded by the Youths themselves in 2012 by certain members comprising of men and women after realizing the need of the Youths in the development stages so that they can play a greater role in the development of their own communities,” Mr Odogari told this paper.

Ngossi Community Youth (NCY) is one of the recipients youth group in Honiara to be awarded a Project Funding under the STATIM FAEA Program administered by OXFAM Solomon Islands in 2017.

“Our youth group project proposal was for the funding of grass cutting equipment plus other relevant tools to implement our desired outcome, which is to engage our youth to do our weekly general cleanup within our community and offer our services on voluntary basis for important institutions such as the hospital, clinics and schools.

“Our general cleaning services are also available for hire and furthermore establishing medium- or long-term arrangements with established organizations for our services.

“Implementation of our Project is ongoing and that we believe, 2019 will see our youth engaged in some arrangements with business houses and government agencies to generate income to support our youths and furthermore support our voluntary services to our communities,” Odogari said.