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Fishermen told to care for FAD

28 January 2019
WorldFish officer Misack Sukulu speaking during the FAD launch.

WORLDFISH officer, Misack Sukulu has reminded members of the Auki Bay Fishermen Association (ABFA) to look after their newly launched Fishing Aggregating Device (FAD).

Mr. Sukulu made the call after realizing  all the four FADs that were deployed in Ward one and Ward 30 over the past years went missing for unexplained reasons. 

He said FADs are very expensive to construct where he said it costs around $40,000 or more to construct a single FAD.

Not only that, but he said to create a FAD and deploy it to the sea cost even more.

He said ABFA is lucky to construct a FAD at home which cost less compared to the cost of standard FADs.

With that, he urged the fishing body to look after the FAD and maintain it so that it will continue to attract fish to support the fishermen of Lilisiana to support and feed their families.

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