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Girl fell ill after eating expired snack

30 January 2019
Ronnie Aiwewe shows the expired Cho Cho product.

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl fell ill after eating an expired Cho Cho wafer snack product bought at a shop in Auki last weekend.

The product expired on 02/06/2018.

But it was still sold in the shop.

The girl's father Ronnie Aiwewe, said he bought the expired Cho Cho product at Solomon Quan store.

Aiwewe said he realised the product was expired after his daughter started to experience abdominal pain and diarrhoea.

“It’s sad to see shops breaking our laws by selling expired goods,” he said.

Aiwewe reminded Auki residents and visitors to be careful when buying snacks for their kids.

He said most Asian shops in Auki don’t usually care about people’s health.

“So it’s up to us parents to be careful when buying snacks or foods for our children and family.”

Malaita Province’s Chief Health and Environmental Officer Gloria Ripiapu said she will organise a meeting with stakeholders before carrying out an inspection of Auki shops.

She explained that lack of dumping site needed to dispose expired goods seized from shops remains a problem.

“Once the province has a proper dump site, it will be easy to dispose all expired goods seized,” Ripiapu said.

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