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Malaita care-taker govt in crisis

01 February 2019
Caretaker Premier Peter Chanel Ramohia.

MAJORITY of direct employees from the reigning Malaita provincial government have lost trust and hope to the current regime, under care-taker Premier Peter Channel Ramohia.

This was after employees experienced the lack of support, communication and update of workers salary payments.

A senior employee of the Malaita provincial government expressed that most of them are uncertain in the running of the affairs by the Ramohia-led government.

Some of the reasons were; lack of support to the Head of Departments, Communication between employees and administration, and issues with employee Salaries.

The senior provincial government worker said that last week, the province was facing financial setbacks which resulted in the delay of the payments of the workers’ salaries.

“We believed that diversion and misuse of service grant and the provincial government revenues may be the major causes of the financial problem faced.

“Commission (dirty payments) is one of main practises of most officers that were responsible to endorse payments or contract. This might be another reason why money from the provincial government’s coffers is running low,” the informant said.

He added that various divisions within the Malaita provincial government have been inactive at implementing their work plans in the province, since the beginning of the year.

The reason is because the government has failed to support its division work plans, he said.

In the meantime, the concerned employee is calling on all responsible authorities to investigate how the Malaita provincial government is using its annual budgets, over the last four years.

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