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Police identify ship looters

06 February 2019
The ship owned by SilentWorld Shipping & Logistics Ltd was looted of all its content.

AUKI Police have already identified more than 10 suspects,believed to be behind the looting of a wrecked ship near Auki, Malaita province on New Year's Eve.

Malaita Provincial Police Commander (PPC), Timothy Apaesi confirmed this to Solomon Star Auki in an interview, Monday.

Mr.Apaesi who resumed duty from his leave this week told this paper that they are working on some detailed information before arresting the suspects.

He said so far, two eye witnesses have come forward and helping out the police with their investigation.

Both witnesses have provided police with helpful information, regarding the ship wreck looting.

Moreover, he said so far Auki police have received two statements from SilentWorld Shipping & Logistics Ltd, the company that owned the cargo ship.

The Malaita PPC said Auki police is yet to receive information about the value of the looted goods.

“Auki police after the looting incident opened an inquiry into the matter, where we are appealing for key witnesses to come forward with evidences.

“This is speed up the process so that those criminals can be arrested,” Apaesi said.

While he condemned the action of those involved in the looting of the ship, he also appealed to the Malaita public to stay away from such a criminal activity in the future.

He said the incident is an unfortunate one, where he said public should report such incidents to police as soon as possible to allow police to act quickly.

Information received from SilentWorld Shipping & Logistics Ltd yesterday stated that the goods looted is valued roughly around SBD$2 million.

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