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06 February 2019
Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala speaks to journalists about the official proclamation, Tuesday.


Polling date set


SOLOMON Islanders will go to the polls on April 3.

Governor General Sir Frank Kabui announced the date in an official proclamation yesterday.

Electoral Office Chief Electoral Officer Mose Saitala said in the next seven days, Returning Officers will publish notice of the national general election date in the 50 constituencies throughout the country.

The 14-day candidate nomination period also starts today.

“Intending candidates must file their nominations with Returning Officers of the constituency they want to contest in, no later than 4pm, February 20th,” Saitala said.

He reminded intending candidates to adhere to nomination requirements to avoid disqualification.

“A candidate must be nominated by three registered voters who are registered and reside in the constituency where the candidate wants to stand.

“The candidate must be a registered voter for the constituency he/she intends to run for.

“He or she must pay a non-refundable nomination fee of $5,000, must resign from his/her job if he/she is a public servant, must not be involved in any work in relation to the conduct of voter registration within the last 12 months, and must file his/her nomination with the constituency Returning Officer before close of the nomination period.”

Saitala added that a candidate who represents a political party must submit along with his or her nomination application form, a letter from the registrar of political party certifying that he or she is a registered member of the political party for which he or she seeks nomination for and that he or she is a party candidate.

Pursuant to sction 62 of the Electoral Act. the Chief Electoral Officer further affirmed the election campaign period to commence from Wednesday, 6th February, till Monday, 2nd April 2019, that is 24 hours before polling day

“It must end 24 hours before the polling day.”

Saitala appealed to candidates, agents and voters to observe electoral laws during the electoral period.

“The new electoral offences and penalties are heavy, and will be enforced therefore parties concerned must execute activities within the bounds of electoral laws.”

He appealed to all citizens to respect the rule of law and exercise responsibility.