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Landowner closes Auki dump site

06 February 2019
A huge pile of Rubbish remains uncollected since last month in front of Lily’s clothing shop in Auki. [Photo: Solomon Lofana]

MALAITA Provincial Waste Management office and Auki local Council and Regional Affairs are now working around the clock to solve the current issue of waste management in Auki.

This come after the landowner has put a stop notice for the province not to use his area to dump rubbish.

The recent issue has caused inconvenience to the Malaita Provincial Government and the general public who'd like to enjoy clean and healthy environment.

At the moment piles of rubbish remain unattended to since late month which has started to create bad smell to the general public in Auki.

Speaking to the Solomon Star senior health and environmental officer Ms Gloria Ripiapu has confirmed the landowner has close down the current rubbish damp site in Auki.

She explained that the issue has affected daily waste management responsibility in Auki town.

She said that at this stage they are now working toward informing the general public and residents in Auki to help control their waste disposal.

She added they are also negotiating with resource owners for a new dump site which believe will solve the current problem.

“We already have a meeting with the land owner on Monday purposely to try to solve the currently problem of dumping site.

“My officer will start issuing awareness notice to business house, residents and general public on the current issue of waste management in Auki,” Ms Ripiapu said.

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